Student Conduct and Community Standards

Student Conduct and Community Standards (Student Conduct) in the Dean of Students Office has primary responsibility for the administration of the student conduct system.

Student Conduct reviews allegations made against students if the allegation involves behavior that may violate the Code of Student Conduct, may be deemed as having the potential to compromise the wellness or safety of any member of the university community or compromises the integrity of the university’s learning environment. The staff are experienced at handling sensitive issues with respect towards students of all backgrounds and the Dean of Students Office is a Veteran-Friendly, LGBTQ-Safe Office and a safe office to report sexual assault or harassment. 

In addition, the Dean of Students Office includes Alcohol and Drug Compliance Services (ADCS) who works in conjunction with Student Conduct. They provide a variety of programs. They provide a Community Service Program for anyone who needs to complete their on/off campus sanctions or those who just want to volunteer. For alcohol violations they provide a state-approved alcohol awareness course called Alcohol Education Program for Minors (AEPM) and Under the Influence for second time violation through Student Conduct. For drug violations they provide a marijuana awareness program (M101) and Personal Development program for more serious offences. The programs provided by ADCS is accepted by most courts at each judge’s discretion. For dates, times, and registration information, visit the ADCS website.