Ombudsperson: a "representative" assigned by a large organization or a government to investigate citizen complaints and to suggest solutions.

The Dean of Students Office provides an Ombudsperson to address concerns of currently enrolled Texas State students. This service personally assists students in achieving resolutions to university related challenges (i.e. university instructor/professor, employer challenges...etc.) in accordance with appropriate University Policies and Procedures Statements (UPPS). The Dean of Students Office also makes referrals to other campus departments or offices when necessary.

Because of Texas State's ideals and its desire to serve the entire campus community, the university has comprehensive academic and teaching goals and emphasizes continuous improvement to its educational enterprise. In addition, theTexas State Student HandbookUPPSAcademic Affairs Policy and Procedure Statements (AAPPS)Student Affairs Policy and Procedure Statements (SAPPS), and Compact with Texans are standards for communicating university policies and procedures that reflect current practices and are in accordance with any applicable rules, regulations, or laws. In order to uphold the university's goals, ideals, and current practices and provide the best customer service possible, the Dean of Students Office relies on teamwork, collaboration, communication, and respect of one another.

To utilize this service, first consult the Texas State Student Handbook and Texas State policy and procedure indexes listed above to familiarize yourself with relevant information about your issue/concern. After consulting these documents, you may complete the Ombudsperson Intake Form found below. Upon receiving your form, we will contact you via your university email address as soon as possible.