Alcohol and Drug Compliance Services (ADCS)

Alcohol and Drug Compliance Services (ADCS) is dedicated to supporting student success by providing services that help students complete sanctions mandated through a judicial process, primarily the university's Student Conduct process or through a municipal court. ADCS also strives to provide learning and experiences that will better prepare students to avoid being in a similar situation - in violation of alcohol or drug policies and statutes.

Services include a community service program, a marijuana awareness program (Marijuana 101), and a state-approved MIP/Alcohol Awareness course. ADCS can provide students with information about on-campus and area resources to address alcohol and drug-related concerns.

LBJ Student Center, Suite 5-8.1

Alcohol and Drug Compliance Services includes the following programs:

  • Alcohol Education Program for Minors (AEPM)
  • Marijuana 101 (M101)
  • Community Service Program
  • Personal Development: A four-session program to promote developmental growth and wellness for Student Conduct and Community Standards' sanctions is now available.
  • Under the Influence: A course for second-time offenders to meet their sanctions assigned by Student Conduct and Community Standards is now available.