Alcohol and Drug Compliance Services (ADCS)

Dear Students,

There are ways you can progress on your path towards completing sanctions and returning to good disciplinary standing.

The list below describes ADCS programs:

  • Alcohol Education Program for Minors (AEPM)
  • Marijuana 101 (M101)
  • Community Service Program: Community Service is available on a daily basis.
  • Personal Development: A four-session program to promote developmental growth and wellness for Student Conduct and Community Standard sanctions is now available.
  • Under the Influence: A course for second time offenders to meet their sanctions assigned by Student Conduct and Community Standards is now available.


Alcohol and Drug Compliance Services

The Alcohol and Drug Compliance Services (ADCS) is dedicated to supporting student success by providing services that help students complete sanctions mandated through a judicial process, mainly the university's Student Conduct or a municipal court. ADCS also strives to provide learning and experiences that will better prepare students to avoid being in a similar situation - in violation of alcohol or drug policies and statutes.

Services include a community service program, a marijuana awareness program (Marijuana 101), and a state-approved MIP/Alcohol Awareness Course. ADCS can provide students with information on campus and area resources to address alcohol and drug related concerns.


Alcohol and Drug Compliance Services

LBJ Student Center Suite 5-8.1

(512) 245-3601