Current Honorees

This list is a collaboration with the Dean of Students Office and Human Resources. While we try to be thorough, we realize that we do make the occasional, inadvertent omission. If you know of a student, faculty, staff, or retired faculty/staff that passed away between March 1, 2023 and February 29, 2024 that is not included on this list, please email

You can also visit the Dean of Students Office In Memoriam page for a current list of students honored throughout the current academic year.

  • Jeremiah R. Broussard
  • Pierce Dutton
  • Dr. J.D. Elshoff
  • Sarah Green
  • William Kent Hamilton
  • Dr. James D. Harrison
  • Rome A. Henderson
  • Dr. Elvin Holt
  • James "Tommy" Jannett
  • Christopher Reed Johnson
  • Dario Mendoza
  • Christopher "Andrew" Mercer
  • Romelia "Romy" Morin
  • Shane Michael Rhoades
  • Dr. Carl Reed Richardson
  • Sandra Rodriguez
  • Martha Rodriguez
  • Dr. Clifford J. Ronan
  • Katherine 'Katie' Salter
  • Dr. Ollie J. Seay
  • Cody A. Smith
  • Aaron Soto
  • Gene Stouder
  • Dr. Dan Tamir
  • Daphne "Margo" Woollven
  • David R. Wyly