Vision, Mission, and Goals


The Dean of Students Office will be nationally recognized for standards of excellence in the delivery of student services and to foster a welcoming environment that is inclusive, safe, and conducive to learning.


The Dean of Students Office provides exemplary student services and opportunities grounded in ethical and moral principles. As a component of Student Success, the Dean of Students Office collaborates and shares responsibilities with other members of the university community to enhance student learning and support student success. The department assists, develops, and educates students through organizational advising; leadership programs; emergency services; legal services; alcohol and drug intervention efforts; and by responding to student complaints and allegations of student conduct violations.

Department Goals

  • Deliver co-curricular programming through leadership development, support services and experiential learning activities to facilitate student success.
  • Provide educational services that develop resiliency of students experiencing academic or university-related difficulties within a Culture of Care.
  • Facilitate professional growth and community development for Dean of Students staff members through an environment that retains high quality employees.
  • Manage resources effectively and efficiently to meet growing demands.