Staff Directory

DOS Central OfficePhone
Dr. Vincent E. Morton - Associate Vice President and Dean of Students512.245.2124
Laramie A. McWilliams - Senior Associate Dean and Student Ombudsperson512.245.2124
Terence Parker - Associate Dean of Students512.245.2124
Alma Machado - Senior Administrative Assistant512.245.2124
Alcohol and Drug Compliance ServicesPhone
Cheryl Harper, Assistant Director512.245.3601
Attorney for StudentsPhone
Vacant, Director and Attorney for Students512.245.2370
Kama Davis, Attorney at Law512.245.2370
Ethan Chou, Attorney at Law512.245.2370
Sharon Fraker, Administrative Assistant II512.245.2370
CARE CenterPhone
Terence Parker, Associate Dean of Students512.245.2124
Kathryn Weiser, Assistant Dean of Students512.245.2124
Miguel Arellano Arriaga, Coordinator512.245.2124
Maria De Los Santos, Administrative Assistant II512.245.2124
Student Conduct and Community StandardsPhone
Ismael Amaya, Assistant Dean of Students512.245.2124
Jay Arellano, Student Conduct Officer512.245.2124
Roxane Morales, Administrative Assistant II512.245.2124

DOS Central Office

Dr. Vincent Morton in a grey sut with a blue tie outside

Dr. Vincent E. Morton

Associate Vice President and Dean of Students

Laramie McWilliams headshot wearing a maroon shirt with black blazer

Laramie McWilliams

Sr. Associate Dean of Students and Student Ombudsperson

Terence Parker headshot wearing a navy blue suit with a grey striped tie

Terence Parker

Associate Dean of Students

Alma Machado headshot, smiling wearing a white and black

Alma Machado

Senior Administrative Assistant

CARE Center Staff

Terence Parker headshot, smiling wearing a navy blue suit and striped grey tie

Terence Parker

Associate Dean of Students

Kathryn Weiser headshot, smiling wearing a red, beige and black blazer over a red blouse

Kathryn Weiser

Assistant Dean of Students

Miguel Arellano Arriaga headshot wearing a grey blazer over a white shirt

Miguel Arellano Arriaga


No Photo Available - blank grey background

Maria De Los Santos

Administrative Assistant

Student Conduct and Community Standards Staff

Ismael Amaya headshot wearing blue suit with blue tie

Ismael Amaya

Assistant Dean of Students

Jay Arellano headshot wearing a navy blue blazer with blue pattered tie

Jay Arellano

Student Conduct Officer

Roxane Morales headshot wearing a dark pink blouse with black blazer

Roxane Morales

Administrative Assistant

Alcohol and Drug Compliance Services

Cheryl Harper headshot wearing a red and maroon patterned blouse

Cheryl Harper

Assistant Director

Attorney for Students Office Staff

gray swatch


Director and Attorney for Students

Kama Davis headshot, smiling wearing a black suit with a red blouse

Kama Davis

Attorney at Law

Ethan Chou headshot, wearing a navy blue suit with a light blue shirt

Ethan Chou

Attorney at Law

Sharon Fraker headshot, wearing a button up patterned blouse

Sharon Fraker

Administrative Assistant