CARE Center Services

Absence Notification Services

When a student does not attend classes because of a medical emergency or the death of a loved one, he or she should contact his or her instructor immediately. If the instructors request that an absence notification be sent, the student should provide official documentation along with the Absence Notification Request Form.


Academic and Referral Consultations

When a student needs information about what options are available after experiencing an emergency, Student Emergency Services offers one-on-one consultation sessions with a staff member. Click this link to see the Request Form.

The goal of the 45-minute session is to give information about the range of academic options available, including but not limited to:

  • Dropping classes or withdrawing from the university
  • Notifying an instructor about upcoming or past absences
  • Reapplying for university admissions
  • Requests for a grade of "Incomplete"
  • Transitioning back to the classroom after an extended absence
  • Tuition and grade appeals


Emergency Funding Assistance

When a student is faced with the financial effects of an emergency and he or she has exhausted all other means of assistance, a staff member can identify potential sources of emergency funds.


Assistance After a Natural Disaster

When a natural disaster occurs, Student Emergency Services staff provides assistance and information about state and national recovery efforts.

For information about on-campus emergencies and alerts, visit University Police Campus Safety.