Anonymous Election Code Violation Form

For fast and transparent processing of any accused violation of the Election Code, University Policy and Procedures, solicitation regulations or other Election rules, please fill out the form below. Please provide as much information as possible. By providing these details, witnesses, dates, times and other important information, you will help to resolve any conflict as quickly and justly as possible. While we are asking for your name and email, we will keep this information confidential.

The Election Board will keep files related to this form confidential. You may receive a follow up e-mail with additional questions to help process your claim.

Any urgent issues may be resolved by contacting the Election Board Chair at 

Below you can attach any documents that support your claim including screenshots, photos, letters and other evidence you'd like to have considered.

I, the filer of this claim, do hereby affirm that the information I have been given is founded, truthful and accurate. *